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110801 Super Junior 5th Album ‘Mr.Simple’ Teaser [15CAPS] (via For Beloved My 15 Angels 슈퍼 주니어)

110801 Super Junior 5th Album ‘Mr.Simple’ Teaser [15CAPS] Credit: | caps Posted By KpoLolipop TAKE OUT WITH FULL  CREDITS … Read More

via For Beloved My 15 Angels 슈퍼 주니어

BEAST releases intro movie for “The Fact”

The news about the Beast comeback has hyped a lot of B2UTIES around the world. The members have been teasing fans with lines from their new songs on Twitter for a while, and the release date is slowly approaching. Recently, they released a digital single, On Rainy Days, which is a ballad track that showcases each of the member’s talents. (On Rainy Days is also said to be filmed on an actual rainy day! How cool is that? You’ll really get the feel of this song)

Today, another teaser is released. They released a movie style teaser of their upcoming title track, “The Fact.” The teaser features actress Park Boyoung who starred in Jungle Fish. Check out the teaser below!

On Rainy Days

Sources: ningin and koreaboo