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Cassiopeia’s 8G: The Carnival!


As I entered the Trade Hall, I hear all the fans cheer and shout. I wondered why and rushed to where all the fans were. There, I saw a huge amount of audience wearing red,(Apparently, when you wear red, you get freebies xD) looking at a large screen. And I don’t blame them for screaming because Secret Code at The Tokyo Dome was playing in the screen! They stood and screamed every time their bias shows on the screen.

On the other hand, some people chose to play from the numerous booths around the hall to win prizes and buy their own copy of albums to get freebies like posters and personalized bag tags!

And guess who we saw at the gathering? Jae Joong! (a cosplayer of course. But we can dream right?:D )

It’s a sad thing though that I was only able see a glimpse of it because I had to go even before the program starts. So is there anyone who would like to share his/her experiences during the 8G? Leave us a comment below!

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