SJ-M in Taiwan Experiences

Super Junior-M(SJ-M)recorded Azio’s “Entertainment@Asia” hosted by Patty Hou on May 5th. Sungmin said after coming to Taiwan, he can drink more than 10 cups of bubble tea in 1 day, making his face become round, members agreed that during the long stay, wearing shower caps and learning how to make xiao long bao in the kitchen was very fun, and left the most impression on them.

In order to learn Mandarin, every member carried a little notebook filled with Mandarin pronounciation notes. Eunhyuk jokingly asked ” Miss, how old are you?” Ryeowook didn’t bother that Patty Hou was already married, kept saying “I love you”. As their Mandarin aren’t fluently yet, they made a fool when answering questions, Kyuhyun who was asked whether if he wanted to work with Amei(Zhang Hui Mei). He actually wondered, why ask him if he wants to drink with Amei!*

Members shared about the things they will bring along with them, Henry doesn’t like to bathe, but brings along toothbrush, toothpaste,dental floss and mouthwash, he said ” It’s okay not to bathe for 1 week, 1 month,1 year, but cannot don’t brush teeth for 1 day.”


Translated: eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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