“Be The One, All For One”


For those who don’t know them yet, click on the picture above to see their profile!

Even though B1A4 just debuted, they already took the K-Pop world by storm! They already have fan clubs and girls spazzing over them even though they have just released one MV called “O.K.”

Recent news says that because they have received overwhelming responses from both international and domestic fans, they will be taking another step and will release their Korean Debut album in Japan! That’s an amazing feat for a rookie boy group to enter another market in such a short while!

Hong Kong fans already showed their love and support for this lovely cute boy group by buying B1A4 their own star! (Exact number of the star: Taurus RA 5h7m52.59s DE +16°25′28.78″)

So, Let’s continue to support and show some love to this new group all right? To end this post let’s hear some of their songs!

What a cute catchy song isn’t it? I’m sure it will be stuck in your head for quite some time 😉 The next one is a personal fave 🙂

cr: ningin.com


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  1. baro and jinyoung ❤

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